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Corporate Profile

Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises are one of the leading companies who is engaged in supplying and distributing a wide-ranging of TMT , Steel Bars Located At BahadurGarh in Haryana. All our products are required for construction purposes of malls, homes, commercial complexes and offices.

It doesn't matter if you need non-standard sizes or you have an unusual request. With our expertise and range of stock, we can meet all your ferrous and non ferrous requirements. From a single stainless steel bar to ample number of bars, Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises Is your one-stop-shop for high quality metals delivered to your door. Our friendly and experienced team can help you to decide which products will work best for you, and whether you are a commercial customer looking for large quantities of stock or a domestic customer with a much smaller requirement, Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises Is here to help.

Based on our experience, Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises have provided various ranges of TMT bars to our client across Haryana according to their requirements.

Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises represent and is a supplier of the high quality TMT Bars for Brands Kamdhenu in Haryana. Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises offer TMT steel bars. Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises provides you a various best offers in steels products in Hayana.

Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises are on rolls of large number of prestigious clients and bulk buyers all over Haryana and other states, Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises being a reliable supplier are in a position to cater to your requirements in quality and quantities with the time frame.

Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises are offering our clients with TMT , Steel Bars which are sourced from the industry giants. All our bars are widely used for all types of construction purposes. It has the ability to re-bend, our bars are best suited for the application in earthquake zones. Our bars are widely appreciated by the customers due to their consistent mechanical and chemical properties.

Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises offers Steel bars, which are especially manufactured to be a preferred material in architectural structures, building frames, decorative hardware and a host of general and special purpose applications. The wide range of plain mild steel bars is offered in a variety of sizes, thickness, grades and finishes. These plain steel bars conform to international specifications, while maintaining close dimensional tolerances and mechanical properties.

Steel bars are manufactured with best quality steel, which ensure excellent corrosion resistant and wear resistant. Steel bars have superior finish and straightness tolerance, as they are produced using state-of-the-art techniques and most modern production equipment. Each lot of bars undergo stringent quality and inspection test in order to ensure the exact technical requirements and adherence to requisite specifications.

Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises also provides other types of packing like tube packing of each bar as per specific requirement from their customers.

ADVANTAGES Made from highest quality steel
Assured mechanical properties
Excellent machinability
Better yield strength
Assured defect-free surface as well as internal soundness
Close dimensional accuracy
Available in specified length
Free from lobing and out of roundness
Assured chemical composition
APPLICATIONS Automobile Sector
Agricultural Sector
Construction Sector
Architectural Material
Medical and Surgical Instruments
Kitchen & Dinning
Other general purpose
MISSION At Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises, everyone instills the fact that customer delightedness is the invaluable reward. Therefore, conscious endeavor is made in all business operations to ensure highest quality products and best services. Vision "To become an internationally acclaimed business entity with magnitude comparable to world best." CSR Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises follows industrial best practices concerning organizational administration. It also adopts environmental as well as occupational health & safety management according to specified guidelines. The objective is to ensure benefits for the clients, stakeholders, environment and the community, at large. The company has laid down procedures for employees and strictly follows the same to ensure compliance with ethical and lawful conduct. Additional policies and procedures are incorporated from time to time to maintain the authoritative requirements. For the same purpose, the company Conducts its business in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations. Ensures fair employment without any discrimination. Applies the efficient use of the assets. Competes for all business opportunities fairly, ethically and legally. Adopts Eco-friendly production methods and practices. Strives for continual improvement in the environmental policies from time to time. Complies to local and national laws and regulation for occupational health & safety. Careers Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises is driven with sheer professional work culture and consequently possesses invigorating working environment. To thrive here, determination to put hard work is the first prerequisite. However, if anyone is willing for this, the professional will receive a highly supportive working environment, best employee benefits and a rewarding career. The company believes that the employees are the most valuable asset. Moreover, it believes that only happy individuals are productive employees. Clients Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises is a customer oriented company and is committed to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Whether it is responding quickly to the customers' queries or shipping purchase orders, the company shows no sign of relief until it receives positive customer feedback. Bhakt Vatsal maintains 100% delivery schedules. All these efforts have assisted it to gain and retain a vast clientele across the globe. Why Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises? Building on its core competence, Bhakt Vatsal encompasses following advantages: Corporate reputation and brand equity
Flexibility to meet all sort of requirements
Overall reduced shipment time
Adequate inventions to include customers' emerging needs
National reach through a network of dealers

Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises can provide consultation with detailed reports regarding the use of TMT bars for any engineering project. Leading experts and engineers trained in steel making and construction provide advice on construction, choosing of steel and how to select quality work procedures for the projects.

Each detailed reports cover various aspects like application analysis, material specifications, etc. It also cover forecasting product application aspects by estimating the cost and probable time to develop the specific products. With a focus to offer diverse solutions to customers, the company offers best consultancy services by providing an outreach to its clients with tailor-made solutions.

The solutions have technical finesse to keep up clients' vertical competence. Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises is truly competent to handle high-tech consultation as it has capabilities to understand most complex technologies and marketing solutions.

The company has a team of core professionals, who have years of experience in the relevant field. The wide range of talents and backgrounds among the staff ensures unique insight required to effectively apply high-end products.

Quality Assurance

Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises is committed to achieve excellence in its entirety. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 for its quality management system at par with global standards. Besides, there is a well audited quality system to ensure the international quality standards on continuing basis.

Quality Control

Bhakt Vatsal Enterprises is firmly determined to offer products, which are in-compliance with international quality standards. To ensure the same, stringent quality control measures are followed at entire business operation. There is an in-house quality testing section equipped with highly advanced quality testing equipment. Experienced professionals from in-house Quality Assurance and Control (QA & C) department conduct testing for each product on different parameters.

Quality Testing

Following quality testing steps are applied:

Chemical Analysis

Materials are tested for various constituents using sophisticated equipment like optical emission spectrometers, all with different combination of bases. All the spectrometers are standardized before application. It is ensured to use use right metal is used in process systems.

Mechanical Testing A team of highly qualified and skilled personnel in combination with state-of-the-art quality testing equipment undertakes complete testing like:
Impact Testing
Tensile Testing
Hardness Testing
Microstructure Testing